Why Chinese? This language develops two aspects: the ability to sing – all the sounds in Chinese are sung, and the ability to draw. Calligraphy is part of the study of Chinese writing. So the ability to draw and sing is developing simultaneously with the learning of the language.
The Chinese language is very interesting indeed. Each Chinese character is a picture that leads to visualization. It means that the speed of thinking increases dramatically.

Drawing, writing, singing and calligraphy are combined in our tutorial. Another pleasant surprise will be the output of the application that will help in practicing Chinese pronunciation.

It is also a starting guide for adults. Tracing Chinese characters and learning simple words will be the first step in learning the language. The application will help them pronounce Chinese sounds correctly and allow adults to learn the whole set of simple words.

Also, it isn’t just one book. It is a series of more than 50 books on different topics such as Colours, Shapes, Animals, Numbers and etc. Our books provide learners with an opportunity to study new words in the context provided with our originally designed illustrations. So both kids and adults will find something exciting in our books!

We wish everyone good luck in learning foreign languages as a mean of communication between the inhabitants of the planet Earth.