English & Chinese - Amusement park, Learning verbs part 1, Numbers

Learn & Draw – Amusement park, Learning verbs part 1, Numbers

Why is LEARN&DRAW English & Chinese X3 Series1 #6 so awesome?

Easy-to-use supplementary materials for young learners! Your kids will learn English and Chinese words by tracing them. Funny pictures to colour will help kids remember meanings of the words. We included 3 different topics into 1 book! It will help your child discover even more about English and Chinese languages within one book. Also, it is 12,98$ cheaper than to buy each of these 3 books separately.
Learn more about AMUSEMENT PARK, LEARNING VERBS PART 1 and NUMBERS with this book!

Why it’s worth buying?

  • professional illustration
  • not boring for kids
  • helps learning English and Chinese at the same time