Learn & Draw, English & Chinese​

A holistic learning system that helps your child to:

– quickly and easily master the basics of spelling in Chinese and English;
– build vocabulary in Chinese and English;
– develop memory;
– develop perseverance;
– develop an ear for music.
Advantages of our triple editions:
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5 years on the market
10 USA schools use this method
6 Universities practice this technology
More than 2500 words in audio recordings in both languages to train pronunciation
3 months for full emersion
10 brain parts are involved

Why English and Chinese?

WPL has chosen the languages of English and Chinese. English has been recognized as an international language for many years. We consider a knowledge of the English language to be a necessary skill in any language learning process.

The Chinese language is becoming more and more important as the Chinese market grows larger and stronger. Two billion people currently speak Chinese. This is a time when China is evolving in the global market. Chinese people are starting to travel more as well as migrate and settle in other countries. In Canada, the Chinese population has increased 50% since 2011. If you look at job advertisements in Canada, many now require a knowledge of the Chinese language. The world is changing rapidly. The question is not: “Will Chinese become an international language?” but: “When will Chinese be announced as international language?”.

The process of learning Chinese develops an ear for music as well as calligraphic writing skills.

Сhinese at work

Learning Chinese also aids in the development of two aspects of the brain in addition to learning the language:

First is the ability to sing – all of the sounds in Chinese are sung. Second is the ability to draw. Calligraphy is part of the study of Chinese writing. Therefore, the abilities to sing and draw develop simultaneously with the process of learning the Chinese language.

The Chinese language is very interesting indeed. Each Chinese character is a picture that leads to visualization. This means that the speed of thinking increases dramatically.

Drawing, writing, singing and calligraphy are combined in our tutorial. Another benefit will be the output of the mobile application that will help in practicing Chinese pronunciation. However already now you can check your pronunciation on our website.

Our books may also be used as a starting guide for adults. Tracing Chinese characters and learning simple words is the first step in learning the language. The application will help you to pronounce Chinese sounds correctly and learn a complete set of simple words.

Our method is not just one book. It is a series of 100 books each covering different topics such as Colors, Shapes, Animals, Numbers etc. Organizing the books in these categories provides learners with an opportunity to study new words in the context provided with our originally designed illustrations. Both kids and adults will find something exciting in our books!

We wish everyone good luck in learning foreign languages as a mean of communication between the inhabitants of the planet Earth.

Essence of the method:

We offer method of learning English and Chinese with fun, ease and immediate results.

In only three months of practicing not more than one hour a day, your child can study about 400 English & Chinese words and simple phrases!

Our method is designed for children from 5 to 10 years old.

Every child can learn using our method.

As an adult with the desire to learn English & Chinese or train your memory, you can also enjoy our copybooks.

The essence of the method lies in the fact that the child writes by hand in a tracing book, according to the directions. This is proven to be the most effective and fastest way to learn languages and to move them to our permanent memory.

The child also receives encouragement for their studies, which teaches them to appreciate their work, and to understand the real value of accomplishments.

Essence of the method

Development of “Very Good Memory” helps remember any language quickly and permanently.

“Very Good Memory” is created when a child writes by hand in a tracing book.
Clear, neat writing increases the speed, quality and volume of language memorization, as well as the number of places in the brain for its storage.


There is a connection between brain centers and their areas when the child writes, which is called Neural Network architecture.
The Neural Network architecture is responsible for:
– meaningful action;
– a meaningful plan of action;
– a meaningful planning of the content of movements;
– a meaningful representation of letters, words, sentences;
– strategic meaning of words and sentences;
– abstract meaning of words.

  1. Memory is created as the result of the growth of new processes of neurons.

  2. Very Good Memory is created as the result of a large number of processes of neurons. These are stored in different areas of the brain by interconnecting the processes of neurons of each area of the brain. There are more than 10 areas of the brain working in synergy, when a child writes by hand.

  3. A large number of neuronal processes, in greater length, occur due to the intensive blood supply of neurons. When a child writes by hand, the blood flow
    increases by 2.5 times.

  4. Handwriting activates 3 different brain centers – the Frontal, Associative and Motor.

What are the areas of the brain responsible for creating “Very Good Memory” when a child writes?
Here is a short list:
– several parts of the brain are responsible for the position of the fingers, palm and wrist for the correct pencil girth;
– several parts of the brain are responsible for the correct position of the wrist and hand in the air during writing and moving of a pencil;
– a part of the brain is responsible for vision;
– a part of the brain is responsible for hearing;
– a part of the brain is responsible for speech (you can see how children move their lips and tongues, as they pronounce letters and words during writing);
– several parts of the brain are responsible for sensory motor activation;
– several parts of the brain are responsible for the correct position of the shoulders, back and legs;
– several parts of the brain are responsible for motor coordination;
– several parts of the brain are responsible for penmanship and the beauty of the writing;
– several parts of the brain are responsible for planning the writing of letters, words, sentences.

A tracing book is the only way to create such a large Neural Network architecture that in the end creates “Very Good Memory”.

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How it Works

Our system is good for:

Our system is good for

Home School

Our method can be integrated into a Home School program which will allow you as the parent/teacher to expose your child to learning foreign languages. 

Supplement to traditional School

Our method can be used as a supplement to the traditional school curriculum, giving the parent support in introducing their child to language learning when it is not offered in the traditional school program. 

ONLINE study

Holistic system for online schools and kindergartens who want to include English & Chinese at one time and aim to develop child’s brain and thinking.

How to encourage your child to study? Other positive effects of our system.

How to encourage your child to study?

All children have the same desire – they all want to play.
Most children would rather play games than engage in traditional study. So, our goal is to find a way to enroll children in learning that is also a fun process.

Our books come with a teaching methodology, that encourages children to study. Because they are also having fun the children would like to study more and more. Together with you, parents and teachers, we can turn this process into a useful game!

The idea of the game is to reward the child for his study. As study for children is equal to working.

Reward is paid according to the work done. If the child has not done their work well enough, do not get upset with them, instead, remind them of what they could get the next time if the job is done better. They must get their reward no matter how the work was done. Good work – good payment. Got extra work done? There you go, have a bonus!

The child should always be rewarded for their work. Adults do not like to work for free. And study for children is equal to work, so children should not work for free.

We want the best for our children, and we want to teach them those important life lessons: – “I deserve payment for my work. I receive payment according to results”

Aboute World Pictures Ltd.

Made with love

WPL was created by us, people who love and value their freedom. An important path to freedom is through the knowledge of languages. Knowing a foreign language provides an advantage in this world.

Our methods are very simple, yet very colorful. Children color the pictures in the book and write the words in both languages. They are learning English words and Chinese symbols by writing. Writing helps to memorize information better and develops a higher level of intelligence as compared to simply hearing the words or typing them on a computer keyboard. When children write using pens and pencils, it allows the child’s brain to grow and become more complex and diverse.

We are continuously working to find new and innovative ways to make the learning process for children interesting and fun. Our books are designed for children from 5 to 10 years old. If you are an adult and never tried to learn English or Chinese, you can try our books to get your first taste of learning these languages and train your memory skills.

Everyone here at the WPL team wishes you the best of luck in your learning process.

Download the free version of the Special Edition book now!

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Reanna Barringer
Reanna Barringer
2 months ago
Read More
Who said it had to be for my nonexistent kid…might just teach myself Chinese.
Mark Richards
Mark Richards
1 year ago
Read More
Want my child to study the language of the new big market already now. Thank to your books she shows the big interest to it. She is 12 and already knows english. Also she enjoys the rewarding system so much and collect baby coins to get her first iPhone)
Selesta James
Selesta James
2 years ago
Read More
Hi! Thanks for your free book. My 7 y.o. devoured it)) Now ordered a series of single books. Hope to receive it fast form Amazon.
Kalibri OM
Kalibri OM
1 month ago
Read More
Hi🤗 Used these books for the summer camp for kids from 5 to 14 this year in Russia. Some of the children studied english & chines words simultaneously. Some of them already knew english words and just studied how to write and pronounce hieroglyphs. They loved to write words and symbols and loved to color pictures for sure. As a reward for good work i gave them different beautiful stickers. They adored it and tried their best to get it) Thank you for your books!
Denny Chang
Denny Chang
8 month ago
Read More
Hey people! Love your message to the world) Thanks for your books, we use it as a game connecting our small family together in the evening. Waiting for your App asap) good luck
John Doe
John Doe1 month ago
Read More
Ordered a full series of triple books on Amazon 3 weeks ago. Now we study Chinese together with my 5 year old daughter and i don’t understand who loves it more)) I start to remember my childhood and how i loved colouring and she is fond of knowing more Chinese words every day and tells it to her father every evening))
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You can choose from 100 popular topics to study
Learn & Draw, English & Chinese
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You can choose from 100 popular topics to study
Learn & Draw, English & Chinese
One Book for 9,99$