WPL was created by us, people who love and value their freedom. An important path to freedom is through the knowledge of languages. Knowing a foreign language provides an advantage in this world.

WPL has chosen the languages of English and Chinese. Why these languages?

English has been recognized as an international language for many years. We consider a knowledge of the English language to be a necessary skill in any language learning process.

The Chinese language is becoming more and more important as the Chinese market grows larger and stronger. Two billion people currently speak Chinese. This is a time when China is evolving in the global market. Chinese people are starting to travel more as well as migrate and settle in other countries. In Canada, the Chinese population has increased 50% since 2011. If you look at job advertisements in Canada, many now require a knowledge of the Chinese language. The world is changing rapidly. The question is not: “Will Chinese become an international language?” but: “When will Chinese be announced as international language?”.

The process of learning Chinese develops an ear for music as well as calligraphic writing skills.

Our method is quite simple. The child colours the pictures in the book and writes the words, in both languages. They are learning English words and Chinese symbols by writing. Writing helps to memorize information better and develops a higher level of intelligence as compared to simply hearing the words or typing them on a computer keyboard. When children write using pens and pencils, it allows the child’s brain to grow and become more complex and diverse.

We are continuously working to find new and innovative ways to make the learning process for children interesting and fun. Our books are designed for children 5 to 10 years old. However, as an adult, you too can try our colouring books and get your first taste of learning Chinese.

WPL team wishes you.
Best luck in your learning process.