WPL company was created by us, people who love their freedom and value it a lot. We wish to help children of the Earth to gain their freedom by learning languages.
Knowing foreign language is an advantage in this world, and even though our children might be upset with us parents, for making them go to school or play musical instruments, but they for sure will forgive us for making them learn foreign language.
WPL company choses English and Chinese. Why these languages?
English is just international language for many years now and Chinese is becoming more and more important since Chinese Market grows larger and stronger. 2 billion people already are speaking Chinese. It is time when Asia is really coming out. Chinese people are starting to travel more, migrate and settle in other countries. Only in Canada Chinese population increased about 50% since 2011. If you have a look at job adverts in Canada, you will see how many offers now require knowledge of Chinese language. World is changing rapidly and it is not the question anymore if Chinese is going to become international language, it is a question when Chinese will be announced as international language. The earlier we start learning it, the better.
And also, dear parents, keep in mind that Chinese language is about singing the sounds and draw simbols. The process of learning Chinese, developes ear for music and calligraphic skills.

Our methods are very simple and yet very colourful. We are constantly working on finding new ways to make the learning process for children interesting and fun. Our books are made for children of age 5 to 10 years old. If you are an adult, do try our colouring books and get the first taste of learning Chinese.

WPL team wishes you
Best luck in your learning process.

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